Self-Love by Megha V.

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Self-Love by Megha V.


Megha V.

It's the little smile you get when you see who stares back at you in the mirror everyday.

It's eating that chocolate chip cookie because you worked so damn hard, you earned it.

It's giving yourself those extra 5 minutes in bed because you know the stress your body's been under.

It's getting dressed up just to stay in so you feel good for YOU.

It's every little thing that you do for yourself and every moment you allow yourself to be happy and to be proud of being YOU.

We may not all feel the same type of love for ourselves that our friends and family feel for us but we are all capable of committing acts of kindness for ourselves. We can build up that feeling of self-love and though it may feel impossible, we will ALL find our way towards loving who we are.


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  • Leslye Munoz

    Hi Megha! I found your poem very intriguing while I was on your page. I was actually interested in asking you about your design and had a proposal you might be interested in, if you’d like you can email me back for more information!

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