Self-Love In Poetry

Posted by Eugene Figueroa on

Emily Ng

it's okay to not be okay.

it's okay to feel sad
it's okay to feel empty
it's okay to feel like
you're floating on nothing

you want someone to notice
the way that you're hurting
it's not right
but love is a burden

you love people
more than they care
because you see the good in them
that they don't share

you bring the light to the dark
when no one asks you to
but you see the darkness
when your feelings come through

it's okay to be afraid
it's okay to be silent
sometimes you reach a point
when you want to get away from the violence

ask someone for help
and be yourself
because love won't come easy
so don't try to be someone else

you are the person
that others don't deserve
and you are the one person
that will be heard.
it will be okay.


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