Self-Love Piece by Aleen Takvorian

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Self-Love Piece

By: Aleen Takvorian

Waking up in the morning is a blessing, a fresh start, a new day full of opportunities.  No matter what, you know when you wake up its a time to reflect on yourself and the things that YOU want to accomplish that day. Sometimes this clarity can be clouded by feelings of loneliness and the desire to be loved romantically by someone else, for them to see in you what you strive to find in yourself. You are an individual who is capable of self-love, a strong and worthy person who is capable of finding those qualities within them self and then allowing that to spread to those around you. At times it is difficult to see past your own doubts but being comfortable and loving to yourself, no matter how you may choose to do that or however long it may take, is a journey worth taking. The confidence, joy and the way to see past your doubts can be found with self-love. You do not need the confirmation from someone else of the things you know in your heart to be true. Love yourself, respect yourself and truly find yourself before letting the thoughts of not having a significant other get you down. Things will fall into place when the time comes, but in the mean time, its healthy and very normal to want to be free and figure out what makes you happy before throwing yourself into a relationship. Self-love will last a lifetime, and though it may be difficult sometimes, you got this!


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