About Us

Tuto Brand was founded on June 2018 by Eugene Figueroa and was named after his father who passed away on January 2016. Deaths do happen but with Eugene, it was like he lost a huge part of him. He lost his best friend and the person he could talk to about anything. His father was able to provide for him regardless of what financial state he was in. The matter of occasion is that whenever times were tough he was always positive.

For Eugene, he went through a lot. He had dreams of playing college football and going to the NFL. People had high hopes for Eugene but his body was never the same for him to compete at the same level before all of the injuries happened. That never stopped him from still wanting to play college football but after the death of his father, his whole life changed. He became depressed and all the fun things he used to enjoy like hanging out with friends or just having a good time never felt the same. Even with college, it was his first year attending a university and it made everything worse. Eugene isolated himself from others and tried everything in his power to avoid communication, which was hard for him being an athlete on campus. Nobody asked him what was going through his mind which negatively affected him since he felt he had no one to run to. The one thing that kept him going was football because his father loved it. So, he made a commitment to going to college to play football but of course things didn’t work out. The whole college lifestyle didn’t work for him as he joined the thousands of college students who become homesick while dorming out of state.

The reason Tuto Brand supports mental health is because from living with a condition, you won’t know how someone will respond to you when telling them about it. People shouldn’t have to live that way their whole life. There are numerous types of mental health conditions and so many resources out there for them to get help for. If being able to spread the message for mental health was easy, then you’d see the numbers drop in people that suffer from it. People need to understand that it only takes just one person to share their story to influence others. After that, more people will feel confident to speak up.

This brand wants to help those in need and give them the confidence to be able to share their story. Those people who are hiding their experience with mental health aren't aware of how powerful their message is.

We use the term "Brand Ambassador" for our mental health advocates. They are more than advocates. They represent something more, they are leaders, helpers, volunteers, and educators. They are the most important piece of this brand, they have a reason and a story. Not everyone is able to become a brand ambassador because it takes more than wanting to represent the brand. It takes courage and strength to want to willingly share your story and help others. There are no limitations to those who want to become a part of the brand ambassador for Tuto Brand, you just need to have a solid story and a will to join our fight to creating a STIGMA FREE environment.

In order to get our word out, we decided that streetwear was an essential for raising awareness for mental health since it is a very popular trend in today's society. We want those to express their selves with our clothing because this brand means more than what we offer to the people. 

For a slowly growing community, we believe that we will get our word across and spread awareness towards mental health not just by our clothes but with the actions we take. WE ARE A STIGMA FREE BRAND.

Our mission is to educate others and raise awareness towards mental health. How's that for a clothing brand?