Annette Estevez


As someone who has struggles with mental illness since the age of 14, I know the importance of creating a conversation regarding this matter and how many people struggle with it on a daily basis, especially the younger generations.

Growing up as kid Annette enjoyed playing with dolls but with a mixture of days cars.

She attended Paterson Charter School for Science and Technology in NJ and enjoyed history. Annette was very active in high school involving herself in softball, JROTC Raider team, Cross Country, dance, Animal Rights Club, and the Multicultrual Club.

Her favorite celebrity is Kehlani and has a celebrity crush on Ruby Rose. When listening to music her playlist would consist of Khalid and Sam Smith but her favorite song is "I Found" by Amber Run.

Annette dreams of taking a vacation to Hawaii and becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist for the Hearing Impaired. 

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