Brijesh Mangrolia

I've been working in the Emergency Medical Services on a volunteer ambulance corp for about two years now, and it breaks my heart whenever we have to respond to an attempted suicide, overdose, or psychiatric emergency call. To hear stories about those who have struggled with mental health is one thing, but to actually see and interact with those who have lost complete control of their mental health is another. Some of these people we respond to feel so alone, so depressed, so broken and shattered that they go crazy or even try to end their own lives. No one should ever have to reach that point or even come close to feeling like that. In EMS its easy to become callous, and turn a blind eye to mental health by labeling people with mental health issues crazy. By becoming a brand ambassador I want to stop people, not just in EMS but everywhere from growing aloof and distant to mental health. I want to encourage them to not only think about their mental health, but also that of others, so those that need help can receive it properly, and in time rather than from 911 when it very well may be too late.

Growing up, Brijesh looked up to his father and still does. 

His hobbies consist of playing the piano, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends. Brijesh attended Elmwood Park Memorial High School in NJ and enjoyed chemistry. He also loves football, fencing, and soccer. 

When is comes to celebrities, his favorite person is Will Smith. If he had one date with a Hollywood star it would be Megan Fox. His favorite artist is Eminem but the song that has to be replayed every time is "Wacky Tobaccy" by Toby Keith.

Dreams come true when you make them happen and Brijesh dreams of touring Europe along with becoming a neurosurgeon. 

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